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Early childhood is almost non-existent to me, which is strange. You think that must mean that something traumatic happened to me, perhaps it did and I was never told. I can’t say I recall the earliest because I have a few that are probably miss-mashed in my “time-line”. I do have one interesting memory that I can not validate but it is interesting none the less.

I had an older friend, Tommy, who I idolized and thought was so cool. I knew Tommy because our mother’s were friends. One night, we were with a group of people driving somewhere in 2 separate vans. I vividly recall Tommy saying “watch this!” He opened this exit/trap door on the floor of the van as we were driving. I saw the road pass us by as if were traveling at light speed! Our friends were following right behind in the other van. It was night time so lights from the cars were passing through our friends van. They existed but only as silhouettes. Tommy suddenly disappeared underneath the car. He either just killed himself or is doing something really stupid, I thought to myself. A minute or so later, I peel my eyes from this mysterious horizontal door and I see another silhouette appear in the van behind us!! 

I remember this as if it happened yesterday and it has haunted my memory. I degrade it as just a dream because I have no proof that it happened. I am curious as to how I could have such a vivid dream stay with me for such a long time. 

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